Aptos native Tommy Zaferes placed seventh in the International Triathlon Union’s Pan American Cup competition in Mazatlan on April 22, according to official results.

Zaferes, a former Cabrillo Thresher swimmer and pro triathlete, had the fastest swim in the Olympic-distance event, finishing that leg in 18:43. His swim was two seconds faster than fellow American Joe Maloy, who finished the race in fourth [1:55:26].

Zaferes finished the bike in 1:02:54 and the run in 33:34 en route to an overall time of 1:56:24.

“…Finished 6th today! Solid swim, fell victim to hectic team tactics by about 20 Mexicans vs 2 americans and 1 canadian on the bike, ran ok.” Zaferes posted to Twitter. He also did a longer recap that included all the details of what he deemed a frustrating race on his blog.

Mexico’s Francisco Serrano won the race in 1:54:48.

Zaferes also did a recent interview with SlowTwitch.com about how to make Chuck Norris cry like a baby among other things. Like his career.

Next up, Zaferes heads to France to compete for the summer. More on that later.

— Christina Gullickson, on Twitter @CGullTweets