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Nikia Brautovich speeds down the final stretch in the Rotary Mission Ten 10-Miler on January 26, 2013. (Nick Brautovich/Contributed)

Nikia Brautovich speeds down the final stretch in the Rotary Mission 10-Miler on January 26, 2013. (Nick Brautovich/Contributed)

Aptos resident Nikia Brautovich won the Rotary Mission Ten 10-miler on Saturday, crossing the finish line of the footrace in San Juan Bautista in 1 hour, 3 minutes, 39 seconds for first place among women and 22nd place overall.

Brautovich was followed by Stephanie Kato in second place [1:04:13] and Amy Johnston in third place [1:05:15].

Michael Ramirez won the men’s title in 56:24.

Results included in this report are from the Rotary Mission Ten 10-miler website.

Aptos resident Nikia Brautovich took second place among women in the Salinas Valley Half Marathon on Sunday.

Brautovich finished the Salinas half in 1 hours, 25 minutes, 41.143 seconds to cross the finish line about five minutes behind Brooke Wells. Wells, of San Francisco, won in 1:20:26.918.

San Jose’s Stephanie Kato rounded out the top three [1:27:21.810]. Castroville’s Daniel Tapia won the men’s race [1:07:17.613]. Cristian Soratos of Salinas was second in 1:10:34.130, and Michael Young, who declined to state where he was from, placed third [1:15:21.813].

Watsonville’s Irma Leal Cervantes placed 18th among women [1:41:01.610] as the only other Santa Cruz County runner to place within the top 20 of his or her division.

Results included in this report are from the Salinas Valley half’s website.

Early leaders, including eventual winner Nikia Brautovich [No. 706], in the Nisene Marks Women’s 5-miler sprint up the hill and out of Aptos Village Park on Sunday morning.

Aptos resident Nikia Brautovich won the Nisene Marks Women’s 5-mile race at the Forest of Nisene Marks State Park in her hometown on Sunday with a 6-minute, 19-second per mile pace.

Brautovich, 21, crossed the finish line in 31:32. Aptos’ Melissa McConville, 27, was second in 32:25, and Watsonville’s Margaret Ellis, 37, was third in 34:37.

Livermore’s Tara Carreira, 38, in fourth [34:54], and Santa Cruz’s Trinity Magas [35:25], 38, rounded out the top five.

Results in this report are from the Santa Cruz Track Club’s website.

— Christina Gullickson, on Twitter @CGullTweets

All right! My esteemed colleagues over in the sports department of the Santa Cruz Sentinel did a quick write-up of the Santa Cruz Half Marathon and 10k, but I wanted to post the top 10 lists and some other highlights here.

Congrats to everyone who finished. I know this was a first half for a lot of people, so kudos to all the newbies. I hope to be one of you soon 🙂

HALF MARATHON – Top 10 men

1. Adam Roach [Pacific Grove], 1:11:33

2. Salvador Garcia [Los Banos], 1:15:43

3. Martin Conrad [Monterey], 1:15:43

4. Matt Allie [San Jose], 1:17:07

5. Karl Malmsheimer [Los Gatos], 1:17:36

6. Kevin Schneider [Mountain View], 1:19:26

7. Dan Napieralski [Folsom], 1:20:30

8. Kevan Chu [Santa Cruz], 1:20:45*

9. Bernardo Tapia [Redwood City], 1:21:15

10. Raymond Rodriguez [Los Banos], 1:21:43

HALF MARATHON – Top 10 women

1. Monica Jo Nicholson [Salinas], 1:24:50

2. Jessica Scola [San Francisco], 1:26:11

3. Rhea George [Seattle], 1:26:12

4. Kari Anne Bertrand [Gilroy], 1:27:11

5. Anna Gunn [Walnut Creek], 1:28:07

6. Lisa Castillo [Salinas], 1:28:11

7. Darci Cassinelli [Santa Clara], 1:28:50

8. Amber Arnaz [Tracy], 1:29:19

9. Ann Thomas [Santa Cruz], 1:29:37*

10. Katherine Rapmund [Walnut Creek], 1:31:23

10-KILOMETER RACE – Top 10 overall

1. Adam Marriott [Scotts Valley], 34:11*

2. Alexander Mahoney [San Jose], 34:57

3. Michael Ingardia [San Jose], 35:27

4. Matthew Meyerhofer [San Francisco], 36:44

5. Albert Pham [Cupertino], 37:00

6. Jim Tiffany [Seaside], 37:33

7. Nikia Brautovich [Aptos], 37:45*

8. Stephanie Kato [San Jose], 38:22

9. Isaac Medrano [Santa Clara], 38:26

10. Nicholas Chee [Salinas], 39:13

*Denotes top Santa Cruz County finishers

I was actually out at the race doing a fun little video for the Sentinel’s website (I was the one walking around in a snow jacket — man, it was cold out there), and I was able to catch up with 10k winner Nikia Brautovich, who said she considers this 10k her first, since she’d only previously done one when she was a kid. Anyway, here’s the quick interview we did on Cowell Beach just past the finish line.


I also posted a few of my favorite photos to Flickr.

More results can be found on the Buzzworld Productions site over here.

— Christina Gullickson, on Twitter at CGullTweets

I went out to the Santa Cruz Half Marathon and 10-kilometer race this morning (forgot to sunscreen my ears, too, silly me), and put together this fun little video. Hope you enjoy!

And fear not! I’ll add some highlights from the results here once they’re released.

— Christina Gullickson, on Twitter at CGullTweets

From left, Sarah Meyer, 31 of Santa Cruz, was third in the 5-kilometer race in 18:44; Nikia Brautovich, 21 of Aptos, was second in 18:36; and Monica Jo Nicholson, 30 of Prunedale, won the 5-kilometer race in 17:53. (Nick Brautovich/Contributed)

Santa Cruz Sentinel reader Nick Brautovich sent in this photo of the top three finishers of the She.Is.Beautiful 5-kilometer race in Santa Cruz on Sunday.

Prunedale’s Monica Jo Nicholson won [17:53], Aptos’ Nikia Brautovich was second [18:36] and Santa Cruz’s Sarah Meyer placed third to fill out to podium.

My colleagues over on the sports desk also did a write-up for the main race.

— Christina Gullickson, on Twitter at CGullTweets

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